The Different Types of Earth Moving and Construction Equipment

Earth Moving refers to the transportation of earth or other substances using a mechanical method (rather than gravity). The earth moving machinery (also known as earth movers) consist of trucks, rollers, cranes, tractors, backhoes, diggers, hydraulic excavators, and skid-steerers. Usually, earth moving is done on a closed-end basis to reduce risks of earth shifting. However, open-end moving methods also exist.

Earth Moving

This is one type of earth moving that is carried out in a closed-end fashion. A lot of the earth moving equipment for this purpose is called earthworks trucks. This equipment is used to transport large amounts of dirt, rock, sand, gravel and other earth-moving materials. Some of the common earthworks trucks are front-end loaders, wheel barrows, boom trucks, front-end loaders with pallet trucks and backhoes, compactors, trenchers, wheelbarrows, tilt grinders, scrapers, trenchers, cable plows, and others.

The other major category of earth moving equipment includes excavators heavy equipment. Excavators are huge trucks that can handle huge amount of material and usually operate for several days without stopping. They are used for excavating ditches for sewerage and water supply lines, mining, digging foundations for houses, roads, bridges, retaining walls and retaining embankments, landscaping, road grading, tiling, foundations for building, dredging, and many more applications. Usually, the excavator is powered by electric, hydraulic, or other fuels.

There is another type of earth moving equipment that is also popularly known as bulldozers. This category includes both the tractors and the bulldozers. While the bulldozers are used for ground breaking or demolishing a building, the tractors are used to clear away excess trash or snow from the sides of a highway or to remove rubbish from the sides of a parking lot. Usually, both of these machines are powered by gasoline, diesel, or other fuels.

In addition to these two categories of machines, there are many other machines that are used in different types of earth moving and construction sites. For instance, there are back hoes which are useful for clearing thickets and making way for the growth of crops. A loaders is a machine that is commonly used to drag heavy objects on the ground such as sand and soil, earthworms, boulders, tree stumps, fence posts, bricks, asphalt, railroad ties, telephone wires, and others. A bulldozer is also useful to break up rocks and remove soil.

Most of the construction and moving machine categories mentioned above are usually available at affordable prices. However, you should make sure that you get your hands on only the best machines as construction site activities demand fast and accurate actions. You should also consider how you will utilize the machines at your work site. If you are looking for compact and mobile machines to use at your construction site, you can check out skid-steer excavators and skid-steer dump trucks. Meanwhile, if you are looking for reliable and heavy-duty machinery that can handle large volume soil compaction loaders, you should check out modular skid-steer excavator, open-ended skid steer barge, belt-drive compacted skid steer, and zero turn compacted skid steer loader.

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