What to do with unwanted cars !!

7 Easy Ways to Dump Your Unwanted Car

The moment you get a new car for yourself the first thing that comes in your mind is how to get rid of the older one. If you have used your car for more than ten years then the car have almost lost its worth as it is at its full depreciation. In such situation you have to think about the best way to dispose it off. Here are some useful tips through which you can get rid of the unwanted cars.

  • Donation in Charity

You can donate your unwanted car to poor or in charity so that they can make the best use of it. As car is an expensive thing to purchase; not everyone can have it. A donation could also wave off your taxes.

  • Exchange with an Associate

Some of your friends might require spare parts for his/her car that might be taken from your junk car. In that case, you can make it useful and offer him/her to take the parts which can be utilized. Also you can use different spare parts of the car and use them for some creative work. For instance its engine can be utilized in many ways.

  • Sell the Unwanted Car

You can sell your unwanted car and generate some cash to fulfill any other need of yours. In case the car is in unsellable condition as a whole, then you can try selling its parts. This could be a great financial help for you.

  • Dispose of Recyclable Pieces in Recycle Bin

Instead of sending the unwanted car to the scrap yard, you could take it to local mechanic and ask him to take apart all the recyclable pieces from the car. You can throw them in recycle bin for recycling. By doing this you can support environmental health.

  • Serve Marine Life

You can dump the car in the nearby lake or pond this way you can provide a habitat for the marine creatures. The dumped car would serve as a reef for the sea creatures but make sure before doing so; all the hazardous chemicals and fluids are taken off from the car so that dumping the car would be safe for the marine life.

  • Donate to Mechanic School

If you have a junk car you can give it to the community motor training school or mechanic school. Even in high schools today kids are trained basic things about car for example changing the tire incase of tire puncture. By giving your car to local mechanic school you can also save some money in a way that the tax gets write off. This could be helping gesture for your community and in a way would bring a sense of satisfaction to you as well.

Hence there are several ways through which you can get rid of your unwanted car. Try to make the best choice in which you are helping the society or an individual in way. Do not burn or just leave your unwanted car in remote area. Be a responsible citizen and make an effort to scrap your old car or give it away.

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